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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney in Charleston, South Carolina

Working to Protect Your Interests in Matters Relating to Commercial Landlord-Tenant

Like many areas of law, commercial leases can range from simple to staggeringly complex. As either a landlord or a tenant, it is always a good idea to discuss a lease with an attorney who is experienced with leasing issues.

At Bunch Law, LLC, Tommy provides one-on-one service and representation. He can help you understand potential issues and protect your interests and can assist with negotiations and drafting when developing a lease agreement.

He represents commercial landlords and tenants in:

  • Enforcement of commercial lease agreements

  • Eviction

  • Property management issues

  • Leasing documentation and agreements

More than Three Decades
of Experience with Commercial Leases

Tommy has more than 30 years of experience working with clients with landlord-tenant issues. This depth of experience allows him to provide knowledgeable counsel in these matters. His experience can help you avoid difficulties with a lease. He likes to work with clients personally, which ensures that he has a strong understanding of your business’s needs and goals.

If disputes have arisen involving a commercial lease, his experience negotiating and drafting these agreements, as well as his decades of representing businesses with commercial and civil litigation throughout South Carolina, means that he can assess your needs and help you resolve the matter in the most cost-effective fashion as the circumstances permit.

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